tirsdag den 19. januar 2016

The child within

There are few things as pure as the laughter of a child. My son giggles when I make farting noises on his tummy and I love seeing his open joyful face. It might be a cliche, but I believe that a lot of adults would smile a little easier if they dared reconnect with that child within themselves. While many might agree with this statement, truth is, that far too many people are afraid to do it, because it involves letting go, and not caring what others think. Children does not worry about convention or judgement, and they laugh and act on what feels good. 

So how do we, as adults, learn happiness from children? I am sure wiser people than I, have written tons on this subject. All I can do is write from my own experience. 

What I do, is play. Forget about feeling silly or maybe just embrace the silliness. What did you love doing when you were a kid? Playing games? Make pretence? Being creative or physical? Building stuff or getting dirty? 

My husband will tell you exactly when I am overcome with childish enthusiasm. The tricker is the magic of empty cardboard boxes. I completely forget that I am a reasonable, interlectual, grown up woman. I get my sissor and colors and I probably look ridiculous but who cares. In that moment, I am happy. 

Be brave and let go.

Me 2013 - making a viking ship from a cardboard boxes

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