fredag den 1. januar 2016

Let's begin with a smile

smileLife is not always easy to navigate and you can find plenty reasons to be miserable. The world is full of injustice, violence, prejudice and opposition, as we are reminded daily, in our own lives or when we turn on the News. 

Pursuing happiness is a very human quest and takes up a significant part of our time. In this blog, I will write about things, moments, experiences that awake this wonderful feeling. Happiness - in my eyes - is not a goal you can achieve. It is not permanent. Happiness is about being thankful for what you already have, and even what others have. It is an ability to be in the now. It is doing what makes you feel alive, and remember to do so every day.

So, if you want to be reminded of these things and if you would like a place where there is always a smile to be had, then you can follow this blog. Hopefully, it will be full of humor, beauty, philosophy, the wonderfully weird and heartwarming.

Happy New Year 2016


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